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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide uniformed, ID-checked, and DBS-checked labour and can remove rubbish nearly anyplace in your house, company, or on your land.

You can dispose of the waste practically anyplace as long as it is accessible to our staff.

We do, and as long as the item is safe and we have access to the rubbish and our tipper trucks, our expert waste collection staff will load it. If the waste is located a considerable distance from the road or we are unable to park nearby, you may be charged an additional fee for the extra labour time. We will confirm the date on the day.

We recognise that calculating how much you have can be tricky at times; our staff are glad to take more or less on the day. At the start, the crew will confirm the extent of the task; the cost of the clearance predicted on our website will then apply.

Sometimes it is more than you anticipated, and we will provide a quote to clear the entire situation. If there is less than you anticipated, we will lower the fee accordingly to handle less waste.

Each cubic yard (0.83 cubic metre) has a weight restriction of 100kg. Our staff will provide you with an accurate quotation ahead of time, and the weight will be calculated in bands before the collection begins. To guarantee compliance, all of our trucks feature built-in weight measurements. We record the levels before and after your clearance to ensure that we are within legal limits and to determine whether there are any additional fees associated with your waste or rubbish removal.

For really heavy items such as bricks, concrete, dirt, sand, and tiles, we may be forced to pass on the additional fee from the waste disposal facility to you. You’ll see that a bag of debris weighs far more than a bag of household rubbish, therefore the more exact you can be with photographs and descriptions, the more accurate the cost will be for you.

Our pricing reflect the amount of time allotted for collection. In some circumstances, such as if the waste is difficult to obtain or there are safety concerns to resolve, your collection may take longer than this. If this is the case, we will charge an additional €15 for every 15 minutes of extra time (inc. VAT).

Paints, solvents, chemicals, oil, fuel, diesel, gas bottles, or fire extinguishers cannot be removed.

We also cannot operate at heights, therefore the waste must be easily accessible.

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