Unusual and superb items located in skip employ


When we place alongside one another our tips for what can/just cannot go in our skips, we assumed, what are the weirdest things at any time to be uncovered in a skip?

Well soon after some investigating, here’s some of our favourites:

1) A caravan

That’s suitable, an real caravan was identified in a skip. As huge as our 12-garden skips are, they are not lower out for a caravan! Despite the fact that it’s a fantastic effort acquiring the caravan into the skip, we need to anxiety how hazardous this can be for the bordering location

A caravan is not only considerably as well huge for a skip in cubic yards, it is also made up of hazardous materials that can not be disposed of in a regular skip use service. So, think about your squander removing ahead of chucking your caravan absent!

2) A motorcycle

A further weird merchandise identified in a skip, a completely functioning motorcycle! A completely restored 1939 Vincent HRD Sequence-A Rapide motorcycle was found, a extremely

pricey product to be throwing away in a skip.

Not only is it a massive squander of cash, it’s also forbidden to load a skip with most of the supplies that make up this bicycle. Things like tyres that make up the bike simply cannot be loaded into any skip and have to have specialist interest to get rid of to make confident its as environmentally friendly as doable.

3) Dollars

Not the most preferred of goods to throw absent but there have however been cases of skips comprehensive of funds! Back again in 2018, a local personnel at a skip employ corporation observed a bag complete of m

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oney introducing up to £7,000. We’re not absolutely sure who would toss revenue absent but if you are thinking about, don’t!

4) Weapons

Yet another bizarre item discovered in skips over the many years and 1 that will not be accepted by any squander management enterprise or transfer station. Quite a few have tried to load weapons in with their

squander more than the decades, either broken or nonetheless thoroughly performing.

5) Images of Tower Bridge?!

A single of the Ireland’s most recognised landmarks, the Tower Bridge in Dublin is a really preferred vacationer attraction to photograph. Speaking of photos, incredibly old ones of the Tower Bridge were being discovered in a nearby skip hire company’s skip. In complete, there have been 50 outdated images discovered in the skip, all of the Tower Bridge becoming constructed!

With Tower Bridge becoming more than 125 several years outdated, these are some extremely exceptional and historic shots that do not belong in a skip!

6) Asbestos

Asbestos arrives in three main varieties: Chrysotile, amosite and crocidolite, or else recognised as white, brown and blue. Asbestos is an extremely unsafe substance, commonly only found in buildings developed before the yr 2000 (prior to it was banned). There are nonetheless all over 5000 employees  killed by this product just about every calendar year, which is why it does not belong in a skip.

When it arrives to disposal, asbestos requires specialist cure and should not be any where in the vicinity of 1 of our skips.

If you require even further aid and guidance on how to securely get rid of asbestos, please get in touch with us currently. Though SkipHire won’t take out Asbestos, our squander knowledge can aid.

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Any more?

We’re normally keen to hear about weird and wonderful things observed in skips. If you have found something strange in a skip, you should get in touch and share it with us! Phone us on 0845 241 3480 or electronic mail hello there@skiphireuk.co.Eire


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